Sex Position of the Day

Spoons Position

The Spoons position is a gentle, low-impact option, a favorite for lazy Sunday afternoons and for pregnant women. It is somewhat limiting in range of motion, and neither partner has much leverage here for enthusiastic thrusting, but its strength lies in its intimacy and body-to-body contact. More >>

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Man on Top Positions

Missionary Position

Missionary Position

The Missionary position is often considered the classic sex position; it gets its name from the idea that it is the most pure or morally appropriate way to have sex (so proper, even religious missionaries can do it!). You're not going to get any points for creativity with this one, but it remains the favorite of many for its intimacy and ease. More >>

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Cowboy Position

Cowboy Sex Position

This position may look deceptively similar to Missionary, but in practice it's a very different experience. With the man on top, the woman brings her legs together, and the man straddles his partner on his knees. The woman's movement is somewhat restricted in this position, as she is essentially pinned under her partner, but many women find that this position is ideal for clitoral stimulation. With the woman's legs close together, her partner's thrusting stimulates not just her vaginal opening, but the entire area around it, creating fabulous friction along the clitoris. More >>

Woman on Top Positions

Cowgirl Position

The Cowgirl Position, also known as Woman On Top, is a favorite for both women and men. Women like the level of control they get in this position; because they take charge of the the speed and angle, they are better able to hit their hot spots. Many women find that orgasm is easier to achieve in this position than it is in male superior positions.

Men like this position because they get to lie back, relax, and enjoy the view of their partner on top. If he wants to take a more active role, he can explore her body with his hands easily from this position. More >>

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Reverse Cowgirl Position

This position is a favorite among men who enjoy a woman's rear view. From this position, a man can watch himself entering his partner and see her posterior in action. Women who like G-spot stimulation often enjoy this female-superior position, as it provides more pressure on the G-spot than the regular, forward-facing Cowgirl position.

This position can feel a bit impersonal because of its rear-facing orientation and the distance it puts between partners' faces. However, this can be an asset if a couple is looking for a position that allows them to focus inward, perhaps enjoying a personal fantasy while having sex with their partner. More >>