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The Science of Orgasm

Defining an orgasm seems like such a simple task at first. Every month, magazine covers tout the newest way to get one, make one better or have a bunch in a row. Orgasm is a sex word so ubiquitous that we often fail to think about what it actually is that happens. An orgasm is that thing that marks the end of sex, right? Something that, well, feels so good you have to scream at the top of your lungs? A phenomenon that is paradoxically difficult to achieve yet simple to fake, a la Meg Ryan’s performance in When Harry Met Sally?

If you take a moment to ask someone what an orgasm feels like, people often find themselves at a loss for words. Have you ever tried to describe an orgasm to someone who has never had one before? Take a moment and try to come up with a description. (One word responses like “amazing” don’t count.) More >>

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Roadmap to the Prostate

Sometimes called the P-spot or male G-spot, the prostate has gotten a lot of press in recent years. You may have heard that stimulating this area can cause more intense orgasms for men, and—guess what?—it's not just an urban legend. The prostate is somewhat like the female G-spot in that it is responsive to firm pressure and, when stimulated, can bring on an orgasm that is an intense, "full-body" experience. So, what's the key to finding this magical spot? More >>

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Guide to Female Anatomy

There have been many men, and women, who have been confused by the woman’s ever-so-mysterious sexual anatomy. In truth, women’s anatomy is not so much mysterious or confusing as it is intricate and fascinating. Unlike men’s anatomy which can be summed up by its obvious external parts, women’s anatomy takes some in-depth exploration, discovery and know how. There are many places to visit in this wondrous place and a good road map will get you where you want to go. More >>

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Birth Control

Guide to Birth Control

The purpose of birth control is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. There are many different methods of birth control depending on your age, health, lifestyle, and preference. As with anything, a health care provider should be consulted before beginning any one of these methods. We really are out there to help you answer any questions and guide you into making the best decision possible for you.  More >>

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Syphilis is caused by infection with the bacteria Treponema pallidum. Infection with the bacteria progresses in stages, with the final and most dangerous stage sometimes occurring 10-20 years after the initial infection. Although syphilis can cause serious medical problems and may even be fatal if it is allowed to progress to the final stage, it is easily cured with antibiotics if it is diagnosed within the first few years after infection. More >>

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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a viral infection that attacks the natural defenses of the body, the immune cells. Once a person is infected with HIV, they are at risk for developing AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) which is a disease marked by serious deficiency in the body's ability to fight off other infections. More >>

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