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Dr. Sadie Allison's Ride 'Em Cowgirl: Solid Advice that Won't Give You a Charley Horse

Ride 'Em Cowgirl Book Review

Dr. Sadie Allison doesn't want you to try to get your ankles behind your head. In what may be the first ever sex-position manual for non-acrobats, Dr. Sadie ("America's Pleasure Coach") presents a range of tempting positions along with practical advice for enjoying sex more.

This sex manual is refreshingly modern, and steers clear of both the overly clinical and the hippie-dippie (she uses the word "lover" sparingly, and there's nary a body hair in the illustrations). Short chapters, lots of bullet points, and plenty of quick tips keep the book moving along. More >>

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Toys R U? Getting Started with Sex Toys

What’s better (and longer lasting) than the finest chocolate, and more fun to buy than new clothes? Unlike the aforementioned options, a sex toy is completely non-fattening, plus you don't have to worry if it makes your hips look big or that it will go out of style. If you haven’t purchased your first sex toy yet, give yourself permission to give this very grownup type of pleasure a whirl—or a buzz, a thrust, or a wiggle. Sex toys can keep your sexual engine purring in between lovers, in between sessions with your current honey, or even become a playful new element to stir into your evenings with your sweetie. More >>

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