Kink of the Week Archive

E-Stim, short for electro-stimulation, is the practice of administering electric shocks to the erogenous zones of the body to achieve sexual pleasure. E-stim is fraught with possible dangers if not practiced correctly, and deaths have been reported among people who use household appliances to try and give themselves an erotic jolt. Responsible fans of e-stim educate themselves on safety, use specially made equipment, and say it provides a feeling of deep, intense pleasure that can't be achieved any other way.

Frotteurism: Derived from the French verb frotter meaning 'to rub," frotteurism refers to a sexual interest in rubbing oneself (usually the pelvis or erect penis) against a non-consenting person. Fans of frotteurism are typically men and are called frotteurs. Frotteurism is considered a crime in most jurisdictions and in recent years has become an epidemic problem in Japan, especially on the country's crowded trains.

Macrophilia refers to a sexual interest in giants. It is most often manifested as a man's fantasy of a female giantess who is a hundred or more feet tall. Giantess fans face a special challenge in a world of standard-sized humans, but can live out their fantasies online through giantess-themed stories, cartoons, and manipulated photographs. Many macrophiliacs say that total domination is the key to the fantasy, and the giantess is often shown mercilessly crushing the tiny, defenseless men in her path.