Toys R U? Getting Started with Sex Toys

Dildos lack the battery or electrical power of vibrators but many women appreciate the increased range of materials within this line of toys, as well as the option to use them with harnesses with a partner. You can buy a dildo made of silicone blend, or plastic, or of jelly rubber. Other choices include dildos fashioned from more rigid materials including wood, ceramic, metal, and glass. Glass dildos are often artistically designed and can be either heated or cooled to create different sensations. Double-headed dildos allow two women to share penetration together, or may be used by a woman along with a male partner who enjoys anal play.

Remember to buy some lube when you take your dildo or vibrator home for the first time. Even if personal lubrication is not an issue for you, the absorbent quality of the toys (plus the extra time you may spend playing with them!) means it is a good idea to have something extra on the nightstand. Also, if past sexual experience--whether flying solo or with a partner--has taught you that stimulating multiple erogenous zones is what gets you to the sexual tipping point, take a look at some non-penetrating toys. Vibrating nipple clamps, massage oil that heats on contact, and fur-lined bondage cuffs are among the many options you may find delicious. If you need inspiration or seek a little more sex education, a raft of woman-friendly books and dvd's are also available.

Men exploring sex toys for the first time may want to experiment with cock rings, penis sleeves, or butt plugs. Cock rings put pressure on the base of the penis, enabling men to prolong their erections. Penis sleeves provide a nice change of pace from “Madam Palm and her 5 lovely daughters” and offer a variety of textures to tickle your fancy. Sexually adventurous men increasingly find they can get intense pleasure from anal stimulation using a butt plug to stimulate highly erogenous prostrate gland located in the rectum.

As in any situation involving bodily fluids, remember basic health and hygiene rules. Any item designed for anal or vaginal penetration should be shielded with a condom if being used by more than one person. Most sex toys can be washed by using soap and hot water. Since the item touches sensitive tissues be sure to choose a gentler type of soap, and to rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Let dry completely after washing; many bacteria can’t live outside of a moist environment. Bear in mind, the more porous the material used in the toy, the more absorbent it is.

Treat your first session with your sex toy as a personal adventure, a mini-vacation in your own bedroom. Turn off your phone, forget about e-mail, put the kids or pets in bed or outside, and go ahead and have fun. Think of it as yoga for your libido—take a deep breath and take yourself on a journey that will leave you truly, deeply relaxed.

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