Standing Doggy Position
Difficulty Level: 

This high-energy position allows plenty of flexibility and movement, and is great for couples who want to explore different angles for rear entry. It also offers plenty of opportunity for spontaneity—no bed required!

With the woman leaning forward, supporting herself on a chair, table, or other surface, the man enters her from behind. Either partner can take control of thrusting in this position, or both partners can coordinate to move together. This position allows for deep penetration and because of the freedom of movement it is a great option for couples who enjoy vigorous thrusting. For women who like the sensation of cervical stimulation (thrusting or pounding very deep in the vagina), this position is often a winner.

By making small adjustments in body positioning, women can explore stimulation in many areas of the vagina, while men can experiment to find the most exciting angle. The easiest way to begin to explore is by experimenting with height. The man can try bending his knees, lowering his body position and angling his penis upward--good for men who have lots of sensitivity on the top side of the penis. Or, he can straighten his legs while she bends her knees. This angles the penis downward, toward the G-spot, and also increases the sensation along the underside of his penis (the most sensitive area for many men).

Women can also explore with the angle of their upper body; bending forward more will angle the penis more toward the back of the vagina, while standing up straighter will make the G-spot more accessible. Both the man and the woman can also try shifting slightly to one side. Many women and men find that the sensation is different on the right versus the left.

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