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Guide to Female Anatomy

There have been many men, and women, who have been confused by the woman’s ever-so-mysterious sexual anatomy. In truth, women’s anatomy is not so much mysterious or confusing as it is intricate and fascinating. Unlike men’s anatomy which can be summed up by its obvious external parts, women’s anatomy takes some in-depth exploration, discovery and know how. There are many places to visit in this wondrous place and a good road map will get you where you want to go.

The Exterior

There are many variations to each woman’s anatomy but the basic structures are the same. Starting externally and moving inward we will start with the mons pubis. The mons pubis is the fatty pad that lies below the belly button and above the vagina, and is generally covered with pubic hair unless waxed or shaved.

Vulva is the proper term for what most people commonly refer to as the vagina. The vulva is the whole kit and caboodle: it encompasses all external structures of the female genitalia. Vagina technically refers to the opening into the body and the internal structure where a penis (or finger, tampon, or dildo) enters and where a baby exits during birth.

The labia majora are the external lips usually covered with pubic hair unless waxed or shaved. They act as a protective barrier for the internal structure of the vulva. The labia minora are one layer in from the majora. They are smooth and also serve as a protective barrier to the internal vagina. Unlike their name suggests they can be larger or smaller than the labia majora. The minora may be short and only visible if the majora are pulled back or may be long and visible by external viewing of the vulva. Both the labia majora and minora come in varying colors of pink, red, brown, an purple.

With the labia majora pulled back the hood of the clitoris is found at the top of the labia minora, or where the minora come together. The hood of the clitoris, also called prepuce, covers and protects the sensitive structure of the clitoris. The clitoris is a bean-like structure well protected and placed under the clitoral hood. The clitoris can be found by retracting the hood or it may be seen easily, especially if the woman is aroused and it is engorged or swollen. The clitoris is the one place on a woman’s body exclusively designed for sexual pleasure. It is made of the same erectile tissue that makes up the head of the penis and is most commonly the epicenter for an orgasm.

The urethra is the place where urine is released. It is a small slit found beneath the clitoris but above the vaginal opening.

The opening of the vagina is beneath the urethra. It may or may not be covered by a hymen. The hymen is a piece of tissue that some women have at the opening of the vagina. It is considered part of the external genitalia and is not (as commonly perceived) inside the vagina. This tissue can be “broken” or “torn” at various stages during a woman’s life including during the loss of virginity, but could just as easily be done through rigorous sports activities, use of tampons or simply just participating in life. Just below the opening of the vagina is the perineum, the skin between vaginal opening and anus (sometimes referred to as the taint).

The Interior

From the opening of the vagina, we’ll move internally into the vagina itself. The vagina is a muscular, resilient tube that can either be an entry (for penises, tampons, fingers, or toys) or an exit (for babies being born). It is a very elastic structure and can accommodate penises of all shapes and size, tampons, sex toys, and of course, babies on their way into the world.

Once in the vagina there are several other structures to note. The first one you might literally bump into is the cervix. The cervix feels soft, round and fleshy with a little dimple-like indentation in the middle. You can feel the cervix by putting your fingers into your vagina about 3 inches and feeling straight towards your back. A woman may become aware of her cervix during sex if her partner is thrusting deeply or has a long penis which hits the cervix. For many women, this sensation is painful, although some women enjoy it.

The cervix’s function is to connect the vagina to the uterus, or womb. The dimple in the middle of the cervix is the opening into the uterus, and one of the functions of the cervix is to make sure that nothing gets through this opening that isn’t supposed to. One crucial thing that does need to be allowed through is sperm, as the uterus is the place where a sperm will meet an egg to begin a pregnancy. If a sperm does meet an egg here, the fertilized egg will then implant on the walls of the uterus and begin to grow. If a woman does not become pregnant, the uterus will shed its lining each month, causing menstrual flow.

The mysterious G-spot, or Grafenburg Spot, is defined as an area that might contain an erogenous zone that can trigger strong orgasms and sexual arousal in some women. Notice the key word here is “might.” Some women love this spot, some women find it does nothing for them, some women never find it – all cases are normal. It all comes down to what feels best to you. Although you may or may not find the G-spot, whether with a partner or solo, it certainly can be fun trying! To find the G-spot you will need to insert a finger into the vagina. If you are not aroused or find it difficult to insert your finger it may be helpful to use some lubricant to make this insertion go more smoothly. Once inside, curl your finger up, toward the belly button, as if you were motioning to someone to “come here.” With the tip of your finger feel for a slightly bumpy or ridged area, similar to the roof of your mouth. This may be a difficult task if you have smaller hands or short fingers. Once found, you can experiment with different types of stimulation of the G-spot to see what feels good: pressure, stroking, rubbing, use of a vibrating dildo, are all potential sources of experimentation. Do not be discouraged if you are not able to find the elusive G-spot. Some women do not have a G-spot, and others have one but do not find this area particularly orgasmic—so don’t get stressed out if the G-spot eludes or does not exist for you.

One last note as you begin to explore the wonders of a woman’s anatomy. I can give you the down and dirty of structure and construction but it is the owner herself who can tell you the really great places to visit and hang out. Truly the key to a good visit is to communicate with the woman who owns the place – she is the one with the inside scoop.

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