Dr. Sadie Allison's Ride 'Em Cowgirl: Solid Advice that Won't Give You a Charley Horse
Ride 'Em Cowgirl Book Review

Dr. Sadie Allison doesn't want you to try to get your ankles behind your head. In what may be the first ever sex-position manual for non-acrobats, Dr. Sadie ("America's Pleasure Coach") presents a range of tempting positions along with practical advice for enjoying sex more.

This sex manual is refreshingly modern, and steers clear of both the overly clinical and the hippie-dippie (she uses the word "lover" sparingly, and there's nary a body hair in the illustrations). Short chapters, lots of bullet points, and plenty of quick tips keep the book moving along.

While some readers will find her glib, chirpy style a bit grating (can't she say ANYTHING without trying to make it sound cute?) her easy, conversational tone makes the book a breezy read. If you don't mind being addressed as "Cowboy" or "Cowgirl," you'll find plenty of useful tips in the sections labelled just for you.

Illustrations are key in any sex manual, and this one doesn't skimp. Photos and drawings are throughout the book, illustrating key moves and keeping each page lively. Every sex position is given its own illustration, and although the drawings are a bit goofy (picture MAD Magazine cartoon characters doing very naughty things), they are detailed, anatomically accurate, and get the point across neatly.

Thoughtfully, Dr. Sadie also attends to the needs of readers with special concerns in the bedroom (and don't we all have one or two?). Positions for plus-size couples and pregnant women are illustrated, along with suggestions for various penis variations (larger, smaller, curved, etc.). A full chapter addresses the G-spot and positions that are likely to hit it. And if you get bored of just switching positions, she also includes short sections covering sex-on-location, toys, and anal play.

Ride 'Em Cowgirl can be ordered online at GoodVibes.com.

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