Cowgirl Position
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The Cowgirl Position, also known as Woman On Top, is a favorite for both women and men. Women like the level of control they get in this position; because they take charge of the the speed and angle, they are better able to hit their hot spots. Many women find that orgasm is easier to achieve in this position than it is in male superior positions.

Men like this position because they get to lie back, relax, and enjoy the view of their partner on top. If he wants to take a more active role, he can explore her body with his hands easily from this position.

Some men like to grab onto her hips and guide her up and down, although we think this defeats the purpose of a woman-superior position. Instead of taking control, try paying attention to her movements. You may get some handy clues about what kind of motion gets her going.

Clitoral Stimulation

Women can achieve clitoral stimulation in this position by leaning forward and making their motion more of a rock than a thrust. Men can help by doing a sort of lower ab curl, rocking their pelvis upward to press into her clitoral area.

G-Spot Stimulation

Women can get some G-spot stimulation by leaning back, resting their hands on their partner's legs or the bed behind them for support. This angles his penis toward the front wall of her vagina. Since the G-spot is only about 2 inches into the vagina, you may have better luck hitting it if you keep the strokes fairly shallow, concentrating on aiming the penis upward toward the mons (the area on the front of her body where the triangle of pubic hair is) as you thrust.

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