Cowboy Position
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Cowboy Sex Position

This position may look deceptively similar to Missionary, but in practice it's a very different experience. With the man on top, the woman brings her legs together, and the man straddles his partner on his knees. The woman's movement is somewhat restricted in this position, as she is essentially pinned under her partner, but many women find that this position is ideal for clitoral stimulation. With the woman's legs close together, her partner's thrusting stimulates not just her vaginal opening, but the entire area around it, creating fabulous friction along the clitoris.

To increase the odds that she'll reach orgasm in this position, try to keep the stimulation of her clitoris consistent. The man can help by positioning himself at a higher angle, so that his thrusts draw along her clitoris, and by concentrating on maintaining contact with her clitoral area as he thrusts. A slower rhythm may help him to maintain control in his movement.

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