Ask Mia: How Big is Too Big?
How Big is Too Big?

Q. My girlfriend recently told me that her ex was extremely well endowed. I'm an average sized guy and she must have seen the look on my face because right away she added "Oh but really, he was way too big." She went on for a while about what a pain it was to have to deal with his giant unit all the time, but I wasn't sure whether to believe her. How likely is it that a woman would actually prefer an average sized penis over a huge one?

A. Pretty likely. It depends on what we're talking about when we say "huge," of course, but for almost every woman alive there is a size above which we stop thinking "Let's get it on" and start thinking "Let's get the $#*@ out of here!"

Vaginas, like penises, come in an array of sizes. Some vaginas are shorter and narrower than others, and women with smaller vaginas may well prefer a smaller penis as well. A penis that fits comfortably typically allows for more spontaneity and flexibility during sex: you can enjoy more positions, and you don't have to be quite as concerned about leaving her chafed and sore afterwards. Outsized penises require a lot of preparation and care to make sex comfortable for the woman. For a petite woman facing a very large penis, every sexual encounter can seem like an Olympic decathlon.

Certainly there are some women out there who like it big. Often these are a particularly special breed of ladies who enjoy stimulation of the cervix. The cervix is at the top of the vagina and sees the most action when you're penetrating deeply during sex. For some women, pounding against the cervix is the height of all ecstasy, and a large penis is more likely to hit the spot. For many women, though, cervical stimulation hurts like the dickens. Women who prefer you steer clear of the cervix are also more likely to prefer a smaller (or more specifically, shorter) penis.

I don't think this response would be complete without acknowledging that there is a certain amount of awe afforded to large penises, quite apart from their actual functionality. Even a woman who runs screaming from anything over 5 inches will still delight in telling her girlfriends about a particularly gargantuan specimen she's encountered. I've seen well-endowed men reach a sort of local celebrity status thanks to this special brand of word-of-mouth advertising. I can't blame any guy for misunderstanding this attention; if I heard women talking about the topic, I'd think they all wanted huge penises too. But men, please take note: just because we like talking about how tall Mt. Everest is, doesn't mean we all want to climb it.

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