Ask Mia: How Big is Too Big?

How Big is Too Big?

Q. My girlfriend recently told me that her ex was extremely well endowed. I'm an average sized guy and she must have seen the look on my face because right away she added "Oh but really, he was way too big." She went on for a while about what a pain it was to have to deal with his giant unit all the time, but I wasn't sure whether to believe her. How likely is it that a woman would actually prefer an average sized penis over a huge one?

A. Pretty likely. It depends on what we're talking about when we say "huge," of course, but for almost every woman alive there is a size above which we stop thinking "Let's get it on" and start thinking "Let's get the $#*@ out of here!" More >>

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Ask Mia: Can Vegetarians Swallow?

Q. I'm hoping you can settle an argument between me and my girlfriend. She is a vegetarian and says she can't swallow my come when she goes down on me because it's not vegetarian. Is that true? Just so you know, I'm not just some jerk trying to talk her into swallowing—I've had girlfriends who didn't like it before and it was fine, but none of them felt the need to make up such a ridiculous excuse.

A. I can't answer for your girlfriend what fits her dietary preferences. There are many stops on the spectrum of vegetarianism, from people who eat no animal products whatsoever (also known as vegans), to people who eat no beef, pork, or chicken, but still eat fish, to people who avoid meat all year only to get drunk on their birthdays and feast on bacon. More >>

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Ask Mia: What's the Problem with Polyamory?

Q. I’ve recently discovered I’m polyamorous, but my wife of 9 years does not support me in this preference. I’ve tried several internet dating boards in the attempt to explore my interest, but I am really not finding people who understand the situation I am in. Am I looking in the wrong places? Is polyamory really so misunderstood in this day and age?

A. Apparently, polyamory is misunderstood, and I offer your letter as exhibit A. Polyamory is not just something you discover within yourself. Unlike homosexuality or a foot fetish, it is not simply a personal orientation. More >>

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Ask Mia: Can I Get Pregnant On My Period?

Q. I hate condoms, and I would love it if there was just one week a month that I could skip them (unfortunately I can't be on the pill for health reasons). So, is it safe to have sex on my period without a condom, or can I still get pregnant?

A. This question is asked again and again, probably because the answer isn't a simple yes or no. The shortest possible answer is that it's unlikely, but possible. More >>

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