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Ask Mia: How Big is Too Big?

How Big is Too Big?

Q. My girlfriend recently told me that her ex was extremely well endowed. I'm an average sized guy and she must have seen the look on my face because right away she added "Oh but really, he was way too big." She went on for a while about what a pain it was to have to deal with his giant unit all the time, but I wasn't sure whether to believe her. How likely is it that a woman would actually prefer an average sized penis over a huge one?

A. Pretty likely. It depends on what we're talking about when we say "huge," of course, but for almost every woman alive there is a size above which we stop thinking "Let's get it on" and start thinking "Let's get the $#*@ out of here!" More >>

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Featured Sex Position

Standing Doggy Position

This high-energy position allows plenty of flexibility and movement, and is great for couples who want to explore different angles for rear entry. It also offers plenty of opportunity for spontaneity—no bed required!

With the woman leaning forward, supporting herself on a chair, table, or other surface, the man enters her from behind. Either partner can take control of thrusting in this position, or both partners can coordinate to move together. This position allows for deep penetration and because of the freedom of movement it is a great option for couples who enjoy vigorous thrusting. For women who like the sensation of cervical stimulation (thrusting or pounding very deep in the vagina), this position is often a winner. More >>

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New At Sexpertise

Dr. Sadie Allison's Ride 'Em Cowgirl: Solid Advice that Won't Give You a Charley Horse

Ride 'Em Cowgirl Book Review

Dr. Sadie Allison doesn't want you to try to get your ankles behind your head. In what may be the first ever sex-position manual for non-acrobats, Dr. Sadie ("America's Pleasure Coach") presents a range of tempting positions along with practical advice for enjoying sex more.

This sex manual is refreshingly modern, and steers clear of both the overly clinical and the hippie-dippie (she uses the word "lover" sparingly, and there's nary a body hair in the illustrations). Short chapters, lots of bullet points, and plenty of quick tips keep the book moving along. More >>

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Roadmap to the Prostate

Sometimes called the P-spot or male G-spot, the prostate has gotten a lot of press in recent years. You may have heard that stimulating this area can cause more intense orgasms for men, and—guess what?—it's not just an urban legend. The prostate is somewhat like the female G-spot in that it is responsive to firm pressure and, when stimulated, can bring on an orgasm that is an intense, "full-body" experience. So, what's the key to finding this magical spot? More >>

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Ask Mia: Can Vegetarians Swallow?

Q. I'm hoping you can settle an argument between me and my girlfriend. She is a vegetarian and says she can't swallow my come when she goes down on me because it's not vegetarian. Is that true? Just so you know, I'm not just some jerk trying to talk her into swallowing—I've had girlfriends who didn't like it before and it was fine, but none of them felt the need to make up such a ridiculous excuse.

A. I can't answer for your girlfriend what fits her dietary preferences. There are many stops on the spectrum of vegetarianism, from people who eat no animal products whatsoever (also known as vegans), to people who eat no beef, pork, or chicken, but still eat fish, to people who avoid meat all year only to get drunk on their birthdays and feast on bacon. More >>

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The Ultimate Guide to Hand Jobs

Hand jobs are a woman's secret weapon: they are often overlooked, but if you pay attention, they can be a great opportunity to show off your sexual skills. But how many of us just jerk mechanically up and down, or worse, ignore this option completely in favor of other activities? Clever women know that our hands are agile, versatile, and capable of producing a cornucopia of unique sensations. Men who've received a world-class hand job often remember it as the most intense orgasm of their lives. More >>